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April 1, 2010


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First I have to let you know that I've been a PhotoShop user forever, since version 5.0. I'm not one to switch programs easily and I have yet to switch from PhotoShop to Paint tool sai.

   In comparison, jumping into PTS and playing with some of the tools there is some notable things that make life a lot easier. For example they have a complex Pen tool system which allows you to click and then click again to make a line. They have really streamlined this process. For example everyone knows PhotoShop pen tools are clunky, and half assed. This is because illustrator is the program of choice for line work(they aren't going to smash illustrator and ps together, they'd loose money). So if you wanted to have some nice line work you would have to scan your image and bring it into illustrator or start in PhotoShop and then move to illustrator. Not with PTS. You simply specify a layer that you wish to have your line work on, click on your tool and begin making line art. Delve a little deeper and you'll discover that you control the line quality. For example a heavy line may start thick, and then taper off at the end for hair. All of this is based on a click and drag type system. This is something I've been concerned with lately because PhotoShop; although a great bitmap program has been giving me some weird returns even with my Wacom in use. This pen tool is very easy to use and very convenient for someone who wants to really polish their line art digitally.

   Lets talk about some coloring. Another big concern of mine recently. Most want their artwork to scream with color and look really nice, finished. Brush textures and 'all that' are great and PhotoShop has a ton of options to make coloring very nice for some. You could use the smudge tool to flex your colored lines blending them together. The thing is, you have to use the smudge tool to do this. PTS has a great watercolor feature which allows one to render one line, then if reworking the same line again with a similar line you will get a smooth output. Ever heard of a game called magna carta? I am envious of the coloring done in this series and would love to achieve that level of skill. I'm no where close to that, but perhaps with this program it would put one a step closer to that type of result.

   So what's the secret? I've read that the program uses anti-aliasing based tech to give the user a finer line quality. And while in some areas the program may not be as strong as PS. Obtaining a legitimate copy is around 5000 JPY(yen) or 50$ USD(dollar). Pretty cheap for something you can use to make professional grade work.

There is a trial period of 30 days, after that you gotta pay the piper.

Do you use this program already? What do you think of it?
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Uluha Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014

Eines der wohl beliebtesten Zeichenprogramme weltweit.

Paint Tool SAI, eine aus Japan stammende Software, gehört wohl zu den bekanntesten und beliebtesten Programmen für digitale Arbeit überhaupt. Es ist ein passender Ausgleich für die, die mit der Struktur von Photoshop überfordert sind und ihre Arbeit nicht auf Bildbearbeitung sondern mehr auf Bilderstellung konzentrieren.

Was genau ist es was dieses Programm so beliebt macht?

Prinzipiell ist es deswegen weil viele die, die den Umgang mit Photoshop als zu komplex empfinden, SAI eine empfehlenswerte abgespickte Version von Photoshop ist.   
Paint Tool SAi besitzt eine Menge positiver Funktionen. Angefangen mit den integrierten Pinseln die bei Photoshop nicht von Anfang an integriert sind. Pinsel die das zeichnen von Haaren, Gras usw. erleichtern, sind ein Hauptfakt für Leute die das Programm nutzen.

Genau so einfach ist auch die Oberflächenstruktur welches somit auch die Benutzerfreundlichkeit erhöht. Sie wirkt zwar sehr altmodisch aber dies ist wohl der Part der dieses Programm so sympathisch macht. Das Einfache verstellen des Bildschirms nach seinen Belieben mit seinen Wünschen an Tools ist  ein wirklich positiver Faktor. Wenn man zum Beispiel eine Anzeige als überflüssig empfindet ist diese ganz einfach zu minimieren und genau so leicht wieder sichtbar zu machen. Es besitzt ebenfalls ein ausgezeichnetes Zeichen- und Liniensystem welches das Arbeiten enorm erleichtert.

Genau so wie bei Photoshop werden ebenfalls Ebenen und Masken genutzt.

Die Software hat einen geringen Leistungsverbrauch und macht es für viele Computer fähig dieses denn auch zu nutzen.

Aber natürlich hat das Programm nicht nur positive Eigenschaften.

Die einfache Benutzerfreundlichkeit bringt leider auch den Fakt mit sich dass das Programm nicht für professionale Arbeiten gedacht ist. Fehlende Plug-Ins machen das Programm für einige User ZU einfach da Tools wie Effekte für viele unverzichtbar sind.
Ein anderer Grund ist dass es für seine Fähigkeiten vollkommen überteuert ist. Das Produkt ist als Testversion zu erhalten jedoch gibt es genug andere Alternativen die die Gleichen Funktionen mit sich bringen und dazu noch günstiger ausfallen.  



Mein Fazit ist: PaintTool SAI lässt sich einfach bedienen und bringt zugleich unzählige Zeichenwerkzeuge mit. Leider vermisst man zusätzliche Plug-Ins oder programmierbare Aktionen. So reicht die Software zwar nicht an Profi-Niveau heran, dürfte jedoch selbst ambitionierten Anwendern durchaus genügen.

LadyRosalia Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
I dont know??
Saouchi Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i really like the program,  just as a personal preference i prefer it as a drawing tool to Photoshop which i typically use to edit.

first, photoshop feels more cluttered to me in a sense, it feels more tiring to draw the exact some thing in photoshop than in sai. lineart is easier and seems to look better. first of all i do line art at high resolution raster as a preference since i really hate using vector (as stated though, the vector tools provided by sai are excellent) and sai gives you more options (or perhaps makes it easier). an example of this would be the stabilizer tool. unlike a correction tool used in vector programs like flash this slows down the cursor itself while still accommodating for pressure. this allows one to create line work at the quality one might only be able to get with vectors. and as mentioned, the watercolor tool is probably one of the most unique tools featured in the program. for others who haven't used it, its a bit hard to explain but it does a better job of actually blending colors together in a somewhat more natural and beautiful way than the smudge or blur tool in photoshop.
DahliaFay Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Downloaded the trial version and I just love how "lighter" it feels compared to ps. I'll be honest I'm a newbie to digital art...

The deal breaker whether I buy the full version or not is that it takes up less storage compared to ps. Photoshop is a great program but I felt so intimated by everything, so many things to learn as you stated and most of them I might not even use.

Photoshop is really for more complicated works while sai is plain and simple but gets the job done.
Zerosity Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013
I still have a long way to go obviously, but so far I absolutely love Sai. Cheap, easy to learn (compared to hefty programs like photoshop), ultra portable with it's tiny file size, adding custom brushes is somewhat simplistic/easy in a way and has been proven by many people to be able to produce amazing results.
A lot of people seem to prefer Sai for its drawing/painting aspects and use Photoshop afterwards to do filtering/touch-ups since you can save/open '.psd' files in Sai.

Also, this may just be my opinion, but after using trials of Photoshop and other software that's pretty commonly used and none of them seem to actually handle pressure sensitivity of tablets as well as Sai does.
Zerosity Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013
Nearly forgot, here's a forum useful for keeping up with news about Paint Tool Sai and similar software.
Purple-Scarf Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's true that it's like cheating somehow, but it helped me render my finest piece of art! I humbly thank you.
LacedStargazing Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The focus seems to be on Photoshop rather than SAI...
evil Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013
The only reason photoshop is even mentioned is to put some of the tools into perspective for the average user. The focus isn't on photoshop, read the article.
Baihu Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
WACOM never ever worked well with Photoshop for me, and I never knew how to MAKE it work properly to get the lines I wanted.

Installed trial SAI, booted it up with WACOM. And everything WORKS. Pressure is pretty much spot-on right from the beginning, and finally I feel comfortable with digital drawing/painting as a complete sub for drawing on paper+scans.
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